Chilliwack Sports Hall of Fame Society Update

News from the board

The Chilliwack Sports Hall of Fame Society reconvened this winter, electing a new board of directors and setting out to renew some of its programs and activities. This included co-hosting an induction event this spring in partnership with another community organization. 

With the coronavirus outbreak our plans for the 2020 event, as well as other Hall of Fame activities, has been put on hold. Our society is squarely focussed on supporting the pandemic mitigation measures put in place by our community, province and country during this incredibly challenging time. 

Our board of directors will continue to meet via teleconference and follow orders of the health authorities. We encourage all to do the same. 

2020 —A new direction

Here is a list of some of the activities the Chilliwack Sports Hall of Fame has done to date:

  • Elected a new board of directors. Positions are as follows: 
    • Shannon Bettles, President
    • Eric Welsh, Vice-President
    • Bob Fitzsimmons, Secretary
    • Cory Causton, Treasurer
    • Anne Russell, Director
    • Jamie Benton, Director
    • Mike Kinar, Director
    • Jim Ballam, Director
    • Larry Krause, Director
    • Rob Fitzsimmons, Director
    • Ryan Mulligan, City of Chilliwack Liaison
    • Hayley Ferguson, Chilliwack Chiefs Liaison
  • Joined the Canadian Association for Sport Heritage (CASH) as a way to stay on top of best practices in the operation of a Sports Hall of Fame. 
  • Set vision and priorities for 2020. Invited volunteers to support new initiatives around storytelling, improving and expanding displays, and connecting with local minor sports organizations.
  • Planned a visit to the BC Sports Hall of Fame. 
  • Worked with a community organization in the development of 2020 induction event. 
  • Sought out new members and volunteers to join the Hall of Fame Society.
  • Continued to upkeep and maintain the Hall of Fame display in the Chilliwack Coliseum.
  • Held a sponsor and friends appreciation event at the Chilliwack Coliseum during a Chief’s game.